DRLX is a DRDOS application and Linux kernel that loads a fully functional Linux kernel from DRDOS. It preserves DRDOS in memory and on disk so that when Linux has completed execution, control is returned to DRDOS.

DRLX allows the ability to load and run Linux applications from native FAT32 (of FAT16) filesystems; so updates and management of embedded images and files is as easy as the DOS COPY command.

DRLX removes any complexity of introducing Linux technologies to an embedded platform by avoiding the necessity of a Linux install. Just use the DOS COPY command and copy the Linux kernel with optionally included RAM DISK to a FAT partition and type “drlx”. It’s that easy!

Linux kernel of DRLX supports:

  • Hard real-time
  • Soft real-time (pre-emptible kernel)
  • Full TCP/IP
  • Very small memory and disk required
  • Supports flash and alternative memory solutions
  • Utilizes FAT32 filesystem as “root”/native filesytem
  • All features of Linux currently supported on x86 platforms supported,available.


Aggressive volume and unlimited site licensing options are available

email info@drdo.com for pricing information