DR DOS 7.03

DR-DOS is the ideal embedded DOS system, designed for straight forward out-of-the-box implementation into ROM or Flash ROM. DRDOS makes

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these tools and associated documents available in the DRDOS OEM Kit.

Key Features

  • 100‰ compatible with MS-DOS 6.22.
  • Comprehensive DOS utility set
  • Multitasking, with API for developers
  • Includes 286/386/486/Pentium DPMS memory manager in addition to DPMI
  • Stacker disk compression
  • NWCACHE – disk caching program
  • EMM386 memory manager
  • DOS Protected Mode Services (DPMS)
  • Multitasking
  • DR-DOS provides a full multitasking environment on Pentium, 486, or 386-based hardware. This is built into the memory management extensions provided in the operating system, and is accessible for standard un-aware applications when using the Task manager (Taskmgr) utility. Programs however can have direct access to create separate threads etc, via the extended Application Programming Interface.
  • DPMS – A memory manager that works on 286/386/486/Pentium-based PCs,

    allowing device drivers to reside outside of the regular DOS application area. Drivers or Terminate stay-resident applications can thereby avoid using valuable application memory.

  • ROM tools available


Single User (product delivery is electronic)


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