Bryan W. Sparks

( is a seasoned software engineer and entrepreneur. Sparks started his technology career in 1986 with eight years at Novell Inc. where he held many engineering and management positions. As a lead engineer, he lead an advanced research and architecture development team that created products including NetWare Lite (Personal NetWare) and NetWare for UNIX. In 1994, Mr. Sparks founded the industry’s first company built entirely on providing Linux-based solutions to the business market, Caldera Inc. He helped to advance the commercial acceptance of Linux in the IT industry, funding and proselytizing Linux projects and commercial application ports that connected the Open Source community to ISVs and corporate customers. In 1996, Sparks oversaw the acquisition of DR DOS from Novell and the creation of a thin clients initiative that created software solutions for the embedded market. In 1999, this initiative was created as Lineo, Inc. Sparks serves as a board member of USDTV. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from

Brigham Young University.

Bryce J. Burns

( has extensive experience in management and operations in the information technology industry. He is

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the Managing Partner of Soldatna Ventures, a private investment company. He served as CEO and Chairman of Raining Data Corporation (Nasdaq: RDTA). He also served as COO of Caldera and President of Applied Medical Informatics. He held senior positions in strategic relations and marketing with Novell and Sanyo Icon, and has over 15 years of enterprise software experience. Mr. Burns holds an M.B.A. from Brigham Young University and a B.S. in Medical Biology from the University of Utah.

Troy R. Tribe

( has more than 15 years of experience in the software industry as an entrepreneur and sales/marketing executive. Prior to co-founding DRDOS, Inc., Troy served as vice president of worldwide sales and as part of the founding team at Assentive Corporation. While at Assentive he was instrumental in securing capital with Sun Microsystems, Intel, SAIC, TL Ventures and J.&W. Seligman. Assentive was acquired by Oracle in 2002. He also held positions at Viewpoint Digital as director of sales and business development were he was part of the senior team that positioned the company for acquisition by Computer Associates. Prior to Viewpoint he worked for a Semaphore, A Xerox Technology Venture (XTV) Company as western regional director of sales and key account manager.

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